Friday, May 13, 2011


We declare this Happy Friendship Year — for sweetie pie Amisha Patel at least.

Ms Patel has suddenly been getting along famously with all her co-stars (the men, darlings, the men); even befriending some for life.

We all know how, while shooting for Chatur Singh, Sanjay Dutt (commonly known as the ‘dost of the industry’) and Ameesha got along like a house on fire. With the dosti extending to their partners too. Ameesha and Maanyata form the girlie gang now, while Sanju and Kanav Puri do some man-to-man bonding. Now post that dosti, while shooting with Govinda for Run Bhola Run, she was very impressed with Govinda’s style of working. And we aren’t kidding here. “Govinda is a superb actor. In two hours he can finish eight hours of work. No one can touch his comic timing. Give him any scene and he can do wonders with it,” gushed Ms Friendly Patel.
Well, well! We agree Govinda is a fine actor; he can shoot a scene at the snap of a finger, etc, etc. But don’t you think Ameesha’s being a bit too generous? We know its festival time and all that jazz ... but honestly, being Ms. Santa Patel would be a bit much na? Ho Ho Ho and all that, to you too.

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