Friday, May 13, 2011

Arabic Brides Makeup Tips By ABEERA

Arabic Brides Makeup Tips By ABEERA

Makeup for brides is an art unto itself, and like any art-form, the key to success is to have a great base to work with. For bridal makeup, this means flawless foundation. For most women their wedding day is the most photographed day of their lives, so this needs to be taken into consideration when doing makeup for brides. This means that contouring and highlighting is essential, and more makeup than usual on the eyes, but subtly done so as not to overpower the whole look. Bridal makeup varies greatly in different cultures, but it always has the central theme of making the bride look outstanding on her wedding day. Being very, very general, there are two basic makeup types-the heavy makeup looks of Arab and Indian cultures, utilizing strong lines and color; and the more neutral looks of ‘western’ bridal makeup, usually in soft browns and grays. Eyes are the most variable areas for brides makeup. For sub continental and Arab brides, eyes tend to be colorful, dramatic and very heavily lined. Western style brides, and to a certain extent many East Asian brides follow a more muted color scheme (grays, taupes, light pinks and browns) with less liner and usually less dramatic application. You must avoid the expensive dating or mail order bride sites for Arab women. These sites are hugely over-priced. Not only that but you can find a free list of Arab women without paying their high membership fees. All you need to do is join any large free dating community. These are very popular among Arab women who, commonly, lack the money to join expensive sites. Most of the big dating communities have paid and free communities.

About Author:

This article sent by Abeer Fatima from Saudi Arabia. She is a student of history in well known Arab University. She is a beautician as professions.

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