Friday, May 13, 2011

Charmi Scandal Latest Clevege Pics

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Charmi in a controversy.

Charmi alleges that producer Yalamanchi Ravichand who produced Mayagadu with her is harassing her and insulting her. She lodged complaint with Movie Artistes’ Association (MAA) that producer Ravichand has been making lewd comments against her and harassing her by constantly making calls at inappropriate time. She asked MAA to intervene in the matter and take stern action against the producer. MAA, on its part, forwarded the issue to Producer’s Council as it involves a producer. On other hand, producer Ravichand today (Feb 25, 2010) made counter allegations on Charmi.

He said: “I have finished Mayagadu long time but could not release it for various reasons. When I have made all the arrangements to release it in big way, she has been refusing to attend promotional activities and demanding more money as we have already cleared all the remunerations. When I told her I would make complaint against her for unprofessional attitude, she is making allegations on me.”
Mayagadu was started with Charmi and Venu as lead pair two years ago, when she was riding high on success with 'Mantra'. But her fortunes have changed now, and the film could not get any buyers for it. So the film has been stuck up for a long time.  

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