Saturday, May 14, 2011


Harry Potter’s Emma Watson spotted looking casual cute at NYC airport. The “Harry Potter,” Hermione Granger star Emma Watson was spotted looking nice and casual at the New York City airport yesterday after she attended the MET Gala the previous night. She looked very good at the event in her white elegant Burberry dress. She stuck some great poses for the cameras as well.
According to, Emma took a chauffeured SUV to the airport,so she could catch a flight out of town. They didn’t reveal where she was headed,though. However, they do report that she was one of the critics favorites at the MET Gala for her very elegant look that she sported. She wore a one-shoulder, silk white Burberry gown with strappy black heels,along with a cute clutch. She looked absolutely gorgeous.
Emma is also reportedly very excited about the new,upcoming release of the latest “Harry Potter” flick entitled, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I.” It’s scheduled to hit theaters on November 19.
Continuing along with her travel-intensive lifestyle, Emma Watson was spotted being dropped off at the airport in New York City on Tuesday (May 4).
The "Harry Potter" hottie smiled as she hopped out of the chauffeured SUV, readying to catch a fight out of town after attending the Metropolitan Costume Institute Gala last night.
During the MET Gala, Miss Watson happened to be one of the critic's favorites when it came to her elegant look.
The 20-year-old beauty sported a one-shoulder, silk white Burberry gown touched off with strappy black heels and a cute clutch.

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