Friday, May 13, 2011

Iqra Jasmine Study In Australia

Jordan Girl Studying In Australia
Aiza Jasmine has sent her photo from Australia. Aiza writes in her email that she belongs to Jordan and has come to Australia for studies. Aiza is specializing in computer sciences. This Jordan girl is really impressed by the Australian study system. Aiza tells that Study in Australia is uniquely different and helps a student usher into a creative, innovative and independently thinking professional. Australia is the destination for third largest numbers of English-speaking international students after US and UK. For the students of various countries, Australia is the most preferred destination. Aiza more writes that Australian education system is constituted in such a manner that quality has to be its inherent part. For international students, it is firmly committed to provide quality education and training. The most significant feature of Australian education policy for the international students is that it has enacted legislation to guarantee the regulation for providing education services.
Aiza tells that she has founded that Australian universities are really supportive and helpful with International students. Students from the other countries are given every kind of support in the Australian continent by means of law as well as human relations. Specialized services to address every concern of the international students are well resourced and assured of quality. Some specialized services are: language tuition, designated international student advisers, application and visa-processing assistance, on-arrival reception and orientation programs and health, counseling, accommodation and employment services. Well Aiza its really good sign that our Muslim girls are studying in higher institutions of the world. Of course you arab girls will do something fruitful for your countries and the Muslim world.

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