Friday, May 13, 2011


Irrespective of age everybody (I mean girls/women) love teddy bears, is there any specific reason? I asked this question to Ayesha Siddique. She replied in a touchy voice that, “because they’re cute and cuddly and soft like a puppy except they don’t poop on the floors.”

I am not particularly fond of teddy bears. I have never really been fond of stuffed animals, I don’t know why. I love a good portrait of native American Pakistanis, but done with taste, not that cartoony stuff. They think they are cute and they can cuddle with them but I have never really been the teddy bear type I was always into the unicorns and Pegasus.

Whatever the reason is, you can ask directly to Ayesha and let her know what she replied. Ayesha wants to talk with your on cooking. As she is good learner and learning the best cooking skills from a cooking school Karachi. She is thinks Pakistani girls should learn this skill to make guests happy with more tasty foods as well as they can find jobs in different hotels as chef. Ayesha is a professional but a student cook. She is one of the hot Pakistani girls who are in this field since they are in college.

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